Sunday, 15 August 2010

Marian Nite 2010

On August 13, 2010 I organised the Marian Nite for the community along with two Brothers (Karunakar and Kamalesh). All along the preparation of the same the words of Fr Ivo kept ringing in my ears: Marian devotion is not something to be reduced to some yells and songs. I remember him telling us that in our houses, especially formation houses, the Marian Nite is an occasion we need to use for deepening our Marian devotion and not make it another of our family gatherings. Well, I think I took that advice too seriously and exaggerated it a bit too much... the event turning out to be a damp squib!!

As I look back on the night, it was fiasco right from the start. The first game which was supposed to take only 12 mins went on for 45 mins. I who was growing in my confidence as one who would cut to time any programme, managed to conclude the programme that night only at 12.45 (it was not supposed to last beyond 11.30 at the most).

Now for the lessons I learnt:
  • Seek not solo success but well being and the others growth. Perhaps I was too conscious of making this programme a hit and in the bargain overlooked some of the simple but essential elements of keeping a group of 85 young men interested.
  • Not to take animation programmes too seriously and always turn them into a useful retreat session by not keeping in mind the mental attitudes of the participants.
  • I totally forgot to prepare and plan for the kick off. I was so engrossed in the individual programmes of the whole night that I really never sufficiently thought about the starting! After the dull start, the whole attempt was to 'resurrect' the programme rather than enjoy the evening.
  • Start the preparation early ... not two days prior to the actual event.
  • Not to forget this experience and acknowledge its failure! I know Brothers did not really enjoy it. But I also know that they were forced to think... only that it was only for that night. However, they have been 'kind' by avoiding any talk about it.
(Having an evaluation with Karunakar and Kamalesh would be good, I think. Being students themselves, they surely would have bore the brunt of the event, amidst their companions.)

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