Sunday, 15 August 2010

Marian Nite (contd)

A continuation of the evaluation of the Marian Nite 2010...
(done with Kamalesh and Karunakar)
  • Balance content and entertainment and not be lopsided.
  • Try to finish one and then start another game/activity (This I guess is the inability to focus and multi-tasking).
  • The Marian Yell was missing!! (Well I purposely did not include it... but I guess there can be ways of making things exciting without demeaning people or watering down the whole project).
  • Announce beforehand about the Nite and give some tasks to be prepared or got ready with. This we did not do at all. Perhaps if we were working on the task earlier onwards, we could have asked the groups to get ready with something.
  • The instructions need to be clear and specific. As far as possible do not give room for interpretation, if you do want them to stick to your path.
  • Luckily some found it creative and different, in spite of the dull starting and the overall boring mood.

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