Thursday, 26 August 2010

For those 'floating' in the community...

This afternoon I really confronted one of the Brothers with this simple question: "Give me two reasons why you should continue in the Seminary?" He did not ever expect this and I could immediately see sweat trickling down his temple and forehead.

All that I wanted to bring to his notice (and I did do that) was that his 'floating' around in the community was of no use - neither to him nor to the community. Hence whether in or out of the seminary would make no impact on him or the community. But this I know too well, his being out may not affect the community but him, oh boy!! He cannot imagine or afford that!! So when one is desperate to stick on, for reasons not obvious or intended, this sort of shock-therapy works. For most of such cases, they do not wish to clarify their intention or have an intention besides 'a secure comfortable life'. I know there are a few more who are merely existing without any bit of involvement in the community. I wish to do the same exercise with them sooner or later. So far the two whom I've confronted with the same issue, have shown improvement... for good, genuine or for bad, is too early to say.

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