Friday, 20 August 2010

Fondly remembering Fr Varicatt

Tomorrow is the 8th death anniversary of Fr Varicatt John. I still remember very clearly the morning of August 21, 2002 when Fr Wilson came running up to me to inform about the death of Fr Varicatt. It was in Karunapuram while I was the Assistant. We were just getting ready for the Quiz competition that day in the college. I also distinctly remember Fr John celebrating Mass for Prathap and myself the previous evening. I was not well and did not attend the community Mass, so too was Fr John and hence in the evening when he was getting ready to celebrate Mass, I joined in. So did Prathap (who I think was a deacon then).

Well among the many things I admired in Fr John was his sense of order and organisation. He was always well prepared and organised. Celebrating Mass in one of the substations of Kazipet, he was always ready much ahead of time - fully prepared with all that he needed. He was never to miss a thing. Just like his lovely handwriting, his room, his table and all his belongings were always in place. He barely had any item of luxury. If I am not mistaken the only electronic gadget he ever possessed was an old transister which he used to listen the BBC news and keep a tab on his watch. His skill at making Rosaries was a free-for-all-skill. Anyone willing to learn was most welcome. And, I do not remember him ever wasting his time... he would spend time reading.

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