Monday, 9 August 2010

Atheism or Ordination?

During the recollection this evening, Fr Prathap stated an example which evoked mixed reactions, at least among the staff... I don't know if it did anything at all among the students. The instance was what he narrated as he overheard from someone who was called in as a reader for the final comprehensive paper. The paper he was asked to read and comment was on atheism. The Brother presented and defended well his paper and ideas on atheism. The reader seemed to have appreciated the Brother for the good work done but was of the firm opinion that he should be allowed to continue his Priestly formation.

I am firmly convinced, if he was keen on becoming a Priest and given the effort he made on defending his paper on atheism, he would really make a very good Priest. The fact that the staff did not help him see the other half of reality and face it, should not be blamed on the student.

And the best of all, if that guy did some paper worthwhile... Praise be to God... it is very rarely one gets something sensible, in the first instance!!

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