Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Christians and politics

In the Hyderabad Church circles there is an uproar against the apparent offending comments made by one MP, Mr V. Hanumantha Rao. The Sakshi newspaper reported him stating thta "those who read the Bible are unfit and useless for politics... the Christians must confine themselves to their homes and read the Bible, what they know about politics?"

I guess he has a point. We, Christians have not really made any headway in politics. We have preferred to stay in that charity mode and continue so. Politics is often seen as corrupt and unjust structure and never as a mission field. But truly if one really wants to effect changes, it is these politicians who hold the ropes. Bureaucrats may be the ones who think and formulate the policies but, the politicians are the ones who approve or disapprove and furthermore implement or not implement them. So it is good that do something more than lodge protests... join politics to make an impact.

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