Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Floods in Pakistan

Sometime ago there was such a hue and cry about the devastating earthquake in Haiti... today hardly anyone speaks of it. In the Salesian world too there was a massive campaign to assist Haiti in getting back to its feet. These days Pakistan is reeling under heavy floods. According to official reports, the damage done in Pakistan due to these incessant floods is much more than the damaged Haiti incurred. Yet there is hardly any 'news' or talk about the floods.

May be that I'm not listening but is something being said at all, of this natural calamity? Or is this another clear example of media bias? Perhaps very many have a bias against Pakistan itself. Hence the moment the name Pakistan appears, all thoughts are shut out. In newspapers at least the news is relegated to some foreign news ... through a small bit. Isn't this the time to express our solidarity and prove our claim to be tolerant and peace-loving people? Can we not extend a helping hand to our immediate neighbour, even though our relationships are strained?

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