Thursday, 26 August 2010

Emotions and responsibility

This morning I was discussing with my second year students about emotions and responsibility, in my Anthropology class. It was interesting to describe to them about the whole connection between morality, ethics and the choices we make based on our emotions and the actions that follow suit. They really dread my examples these days; for they are all from our life and living here in Kondadaba. Though not all of them agree or are convinced of the validity of the examples I use, they sure know that there is not denial of the fact of what is presented before them.

It was interesting also for me to explain to them the whole connection between emotions, choices and actions. Reflecting deeper, with them and later too, I realise very many of our own - my own - actions or habits are basically from the petty choices and decisions I make along the way. I really may not be directly and immediately responsible for the ultimate or the 'big' emotional outburst (of joy or anger) but I am responsible all the same ... simply because I've been making small choices every time I am emotionally charged and that has led me to this stage wherein when there is an emotional outburst, I cannot but decide any other way than in the line of choices I have been making all along.

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