Thursday, 8 March 2012

What triggers what?

An IPS officer was crushed to death in Madhya Pradesh today. All he did was his duty. The reward: loss of life. Well I suppose he did not see it coming. However, there are brave men like Narendra Kumar who are willing to take a stand (and pay the price). What interested me more than this truth, which is good on feelings and emotions but does not work with those who have neither heart nor head (read that as the real brains and gains behind the illegal works) is the fact how different people react. A cursory glance at the list of comments that has kept increasing in the past couple of hours is quite revealing. Some people connect what to not, others nothing to nothing, a few merely express their sympathy, others blame (all sort of names and persons can be found herein) and quite a few use this as a lever to gain "supremacy" over someone else (who may be equally corrupt or sincerely honest). How one tragic event can cause an avalanche of ideas and thoughts.

Whatever it be, may this tribe of brave and honest persons, like Narendra Kumar, increase.

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