Saturday, 3 March 2012

Political idiocity

I went to Vizag today for some purchasing and while crossing the national highway junction at Pendurthi came across people digging holes in the middle of the road. Satyam and myself had no doubt that it was for another round of lighting and decoration for some feast or politician's son's marriage. While returning we were surprised to see that the poles had on them flex prints welcoming some group of politicians. As it is, the road
  • is narrow
  • is under construction
  • is a busy junction
  • part of the national highway
and yet the guys had the 'least common sense' to erect posters in the MIDDLE of the road. Satyam tells me, only our political leaders are capable of such idiocity. I wished a lorry, in the middle of the night, would drive in the middle of the road and knock down all those posters.

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