Friday, 2 March 2012

Setting a new trend

At times we rue that there are no sufficient role models or there is a great dearth of courageous examples. I came across this one, from today's news: Sisters carry dead brother to cremation ground. Often we look at some many of the negative angles of things and realities that we fail to see the good and great aspects. This act of the three sisters was truly a great act. In the Indian tradition, women are normally not permitted to enter the cremation grounds, leave alone, carry the corpse. Given this 'national' scenario, the three sisters indeed set a new and good trend.

Hats off also to those who encouraged this bold and affectionate step. Indeed an ideal way of affirming the role and power of women in our life (as individuals and as a society). God bless the three women, and all those who stood by them.

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