Wednesday, 21 March 2012

For a purpose

With yesterday's farewell we officially concluded the academic year. The evening get-together specially organised to bid farewell and thank the final year students was well organised by the first and second course Brothers. Most of the ideas were theirs but I did have to intervene and polish them. What they wanted to do was 'something' but with no definite purpose or intention - other than merely doing it! I had to make them see the various things they planned and wished for in a comprehensive manner. I wanted them to have a clear sense of purpose for which they were doing all that they were doing... so that they could send out a meaningful message and not just some hotchpotch of actions.
Finally the programme went on well and as planned - contained in the time allotted and appealing to all involved. All the Brothers - including the outgoing students - liked it.
The backdrop with an alphabet printed on one side of the paper and the other half containing a funny description of one of the third year student and a photo of the same, was quite an innovative idea.

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