Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Voice of conscience?

The hot topic for discussion is the bold move of the Railway Minister, Mr Dinesh Trivedi and his budget proposal. The dust it has raised will take some time to settle. However, I read and watched this particular minister air his views and reasons for the budget and found him quite unlike the rest of the brood of politicians. His open acknowledgement that there is nothing that will benefit him personally out of this proposal and his challenge that this will benefit the railways in the long run and simultaneously increase some of the basic travelling facilities (including fares!) is something quite interesting. We now have to watch and see what would become of all of this. Will this be turned into another political game or would there be some good coming of it, somewhere? We'll have to wait and see.

Till then, it is good to reflect on Mr Trivedi's reasons:
I listened to my conscience and not some populist voice appeal.

I stand to gain nothing from this and if anyone would think why so, would clearly understand that it is done for the railways and railways alone.

I have only done my duty weighing the best options and in favour of the railways.

What logic is it to weigh this decision of mine against me losing the chair? Nothing in politics is permanent. Tomorrow there will be someone who would do better than me. I only do what is best for the country.
Well, that's some "strange" talk for a politician! Barely does one get to hear such things from politicians... leave alone take such bold stances, wherein they risk losing the very chair from which they are speaking! Great, though!

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