Monday, 5 March 2012

The 'opposite' attitude

Whenever I come across the word 'Vipassana' I am reminded of something that happened about seven years ago when I was at Karunapuram (Warangal dt of AP). I was then the assistant of the Brothers. The Rector was one who had completed all possible courses at Igatpuri (Vipassana). He used to lead the students in the morning meditation using the techniques he learnt there (or elsewhere, I'm not sure). The initial part mostly consisted of a set of 'clearing' exercises. However, he used to always begin the meditation and the exercises with the statement, "Let's start with a positive attitude!"

Months later, he had to attend a meeting and was absent. He had already delegated the course leader to take his place as leader of the meditation. That morning, as usual we all gathered in the lawn and the course leader began, "Let's start with the OPPOSITE attitude!" None of us could meditate that morning... most of us were literally rolling on the grass. The course leader just couldn't understand why. Because all this while he heard the initial statement as, ... opposite attitude! And that's what he said!

Well that's how life is: positive or opposite, it still is a thrilling experience!

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