Sunday, 11 March 2012

Political sham

There was an interesting piece of news online stating that 35% of our 'esteemed' politicians are rogues (read this)! The article primarily presents stats about UP, Goa, Uttarakand, Punjab and Manipur but I guess things are not very different or drastically saintly in other states.

How then is it possible for anyone, even remotely dreaming of making a decent and truthful living in such circumstances wherein such a high percentage of our leaders - if at all, they deserve that title - are themselves on the wrong? Like one of the Provincial stating about the state of his province, "Most of the confreres are good and very cooperative when it comes to the common concerns of the Province. There are only a few wayward or self-centred confreres. That way animation and governance becomes easy, as it involves careful dealing with just the handful wayward confreres. The rest, with or without supervision, will do great! However, if most of the confreres are wayward, then it is another issue!"

I guess this is possible only in a place like India... and of course, as the old adage goes: as the people, so the ruler!

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