Sunday, 18 March 2012

Virtue, wisdom and courage

The day in the presence of Fr Maria Arokiam was very interesting and enriching. One of the many things he offered for reflection was the goodnight thought based on three virtues of a leader or superior: Virtuous, Wise and Bold.

Virtue, of course, is a good habit. It has to be both, good as well as a habit. Occasional acts of charity cannot make anyone virtuous unless repeated enough number of times, so as to make it a habit.

Fr Maria Arokiam defined wisdom as loving intelligence. That was quite a summary of wisdom. Intelligence alone can be dangerous (even a crook can be very intelligent). Love alone may lead one to foolishness. It is in the right balance of the two that wisdom is to be found.

Bold is of course, the courage to tell clearly and distinctly that something is wrong when it is wrong and appreciate something when it is right. It is based on integrity of life and moral standing. Of course, where there is boldness, there is no room for fear.

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