Thursday, 8 March 2012

Fidelity as an act of worship

Like many simple Christians, our Brothers too have a very pietistic idea of Lent and related practices. Very many of them 'like' to fast on Wednesdays and/or Fridays. However the very same guys will be the first to skip their morning community duties or be sluggish when it comes to the evening work or games. So the other day, Fr Wilson bluntly called them 'white washed sepulchers' in his goodnight and the effect was the next morning there was none fasting! Asked why did they suddenly stop fasting, "Fr Wilson told us not to fast!" was their immediate and spontaneous response. So committed and intense was their fast - and reason for the same.

Fidelity, (or integrity) as an act of worship, is something that is still to sink in most of us. Till then we will be greatly and foolishly carried away by something cheap and petty... not because we are ignorant of it but because we feel convenient and 'nice' about it.

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