Saturday, 24 March 2012

Human adaptability

While at supper tonight we were discussing the power cut that we have had since last night... that's 24 hours straight - with the exception of 10 minutes of 'grace' that we received this afternoon. This cut is due to some high tension wires getting burnt up and when I called the line man in the evening to find out the situation, he assured me that they would be able to get it done within a 'short time'. Anyway, back to our discussion. At one point Fr KT commented that this year the power supply has been really good. And I quickly added, "Besides the 6 - 8 hrs of power cut everyday."

Looking back, Fr KT's statement was true. We barely had any inconvenience, in the time we had power (perhaps, today being the only exception). But for one who is used to power supply round the clock, to hear that we have 6 hours of power cut everyday is something unbelievable. The first question they ask us is how do you survive? how do you manage? Frankly speaking we have now so grown to this everyday feature that if and by chance there is power during the scheduled cut, we feel uneasy and quite uncomfortable! So much for our ability to adapt - for good or bad, is another question!

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