Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Beginnings in Nalgonda

The Salesian mission in Nalgonda District of Andhra Pradesh commenced in a minor way in a village called Kottayagudem. It was spearheaded by the so-called 'grass-rooters' from KJC, Bangalore. I'm told Fr Sebastian John was one among them. However this enterprise was not looked upon kindly from the higher ups and was slowly 'dissolved'. Soon Fr Koshy Thomas and Fr Sebastian M. began to assist in the Parish of Bheemanapalli. It was with the diocese (most probably with Fr Casiagi as the Parish Priest - the same one who took nearly 42 years to build the Parish!). Having worked there the Salesians slowly began to stabilise (read that as 'institutionalise') in Chandur (the present location).

While the establishment of Chandur was overseen by the pioneers Fr M. A. Jacob and Fr K.T. Jose (then a newly ordained Priest), the Bheemanapalli Parish was managed by Fr Devasi (twin brother of Fr Phyllo). However after a span of two years it was handed over back to the Salesians and Chandur continued to flourish.

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