Wednesday, 28 March 2012

God's Secretary

Well, at the rate at which things are moving with me, I'd not in any way be surprised to get a call from God to be His secretary! For I almost know the what, how, when, how many and the why of almost everything (OK, except for that 'why' part, the rest for sure!). Well, today was a crash course in accounting and matters related to Income Tax and all that stuff. Even if I were to attend a three credit course, I'd not learn what I learnt today. Thanks to the income tax (IT) hearing that I need to appear tomorrow morning - or rather in a few hours!

And to make matters easy - or worse? - the accountant who is supposed to know it all, asks for leave because someone in his family passes away right this morning! Luckily one apprentice Chartered Accountant lands up at the gates saying he received instructions to help me with the preparation of the required documents and procedures. So began the day!

What I learnt (both directly of the stuff and otherwise), will require more than one blogpost to do fill. Perhaps after I initiate the IT hearing tomorrow...

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