Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Ministry abroad? Then...

Fr Wilson's sermon this morning was quite challenging. Using the Gospel of the day, wherein the mother of James and John asks Jesus for a place on his side in His Kingdom, Fr Wilson asked the Brothers if their motivation to Priesthood too was just for similar reasons. Whether they were willing to partake of the cup of Jesus or only intending to use Priesthood to go to the States or Germany?

As I reflected on these words of Fr Wilson and their truth, it struck me that most often words alone do not inspire. To really sift the present generation of young people joining the Seminaries or formation houses intending to become Priests, we ought to present the real picture. Like for example, Fr Joji, our present vocation promoter does not go around in the Bolero that is available for him. He goes about in any public transport that he manages. I'm sure it makes a great impact on people, especially young people, when they see such a person. Most often, youngsters join not because of Don Bosco or the person of the vocation promoter but because of the type of vehicle the Priests of that congregation go about in! (Besides, the person of Joji himself makes a profound impact).

I know not how sensible it is or feasible at all (given the mindset of those already Priests) but radical it is: Let those who crave and 'demand' for a trip abroad, whether it be for ministry or any other purpose, agree to work on their return, for double the amount of time spent abroad, in a very rural or backward part of the Diocese or Province. I know it's a barter but as they say in Hindi, when one cannot take out ghee with a straight finger, one must bend his finger!

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