Monday, 17 October 2016

Sunday Mass

It is exactly two weeks since I landed in London and in these two weeks, I've attended the Sunday Mass in two different places. The first Sunday I went along with Fr John to the University Chapel.  There were about 50 people, with half of them from the neighbourhood and the rest, students of the University.  Yesterday I went to the adjacent Salesian Parish. Nearly 60% were elderly and the rest were young couples with small children. There was hardly any teenager or youngster at all!

Heartwarming it was to see the young parents come along with their children and the church is always noisy - even during Mass.  Yesterday sitting before me was a family of five: parents and three children.  They reminded me of my nephew very much because one of the boys had a book on trucks and the other had a small toy car to which he clung all through. Must be identity twins of my nephew back in India!

But where are the young people???  Is it that they have all the 'interesting' things planned only for Sundays in this part of the world or is it that Mass is no more 'interesting' or meaningful at all?
Catholic Church of St Anne, Chertsey (London)

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