Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Royal Holloway campus

After my lecture today I took a stroll around the Royal Holloway campus.  It is beautiful!  Plenty of greenery everywhere.  The buildings are also all spread out, in different shapes, models and locations.  Each professor has his own office.  There certainly are more offices than lecture halls or seminar halls.

What impressed me most was that the whole campus is spic and span.  Nothing dirty or broken or damaged.  Everyone contributes in keeping the place neat.  No one litters the place. There are bins everywhere. The lecture halls are neat and even though the Founders (main) building is nearly 200 years old, it still is neat. Nothing scribbled on the walls or doors.  No papers thrown about.  No dust (that's a natural blessing).  Maintenance of the whole campus must be a huge enterprise, but everything seems to be right in place.

Most importantly, there is nobody yelling and shouting and excited about the numerous works going on in the campus.  There are very very few workers, yet everything is seen to.  Honestly, even at the construction sites could not make out who among those working was the mason, who the supervisor and who is overall incharge (from the University).  Everyone seems to be doing their work, without someone bossing over them or "supervising" them. The work ethic of this place is truly amazing.
The Founders' Building South Grid

The Founders' Building (East wing from the inner grid)

The main building (outside view) from one of the playgrounds

The Founders' Building West view (from the outside parking area) 

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