Monday, 10 October 2016

A priestess

Last evening was the first time I was preached to by a priestess!  Yes, I attended an ecumenical Sunday service in the college chapel yesterday evening and the one officiating at the service was Rev. Cate. She is the coordinating College chaplain.  Fr John had invited me to join him and for Mass thereafter in the college chapel.  I accepted with the intent of meeting some other students.

So if you really ask me whether there was a difference, in hearing a priest and for the first time a priestess? Nothing really.  Of course, the first time I saw her in the black cassock, the roman collar, the surplice, it was 'different'.  Then I was not sure if she wore a stole or was that a muffler - it was black.  Anyway, by way of the dress it is very difficult to identify anyone here.  With all the warm clothing one wears, there is hardly any noticeable difference even between the two genders.  The ones that really stand out are the construction workers - with their bright fluorescent vests and pants.

Coming back to the priestess, or rather the content of what she said, there was hardly anything different from what a priest would have said.  What's more, she had it all typed out and though she read it, it was more as if she was talking.  The content was certainly prepared by her.

For that matter, all those whom I struck conversation with, either in the college, or in the community or at the memorial service in Farnborough, appeared very knowledgeable and up-to-date with matters around.  The whole quality of one's conversation goes up when one is aware of what is going on and speaking very reasoned opinions.  

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