Friday, 7 October 2016


On my way to London, at the Hyderabad airport, I saw this shop. Selling footwear. Nothing unusual.  The same post airport shop.  But what caught my attention was the name... Mochi.  In hindi it means 'cobbler'.  And as if the name wasn't enough, it also had the traditional tool of the mochi for its logo. 

It is a typical Indian name and a profession which not everyone appreciates, at least not the ones in it.  Those in the profession of making footwear for others are treated as one of the lowest category of people in the (caste-ridden) society.

What amused me was that if a real mochi, were to have managed to reach to that shop - somehow making his way through the security and all that blocks - he would have been thrown out in a jiffy or certainly got arrested.  But the name... mochi! 

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