Tuesday, 18 October 2016


Coming early to the University and sitting by the library window for study, I look out often - especially when tired of reading - to see the different groups of youngsters pass by.  Here are some recurrent things that I observed:

  • No one bothers about anothers' clothing!  There are all sorts of clothing worn by students on the campus.  Of course, all protect themselves from the cold. However, the style is as varied as it could ever be.  There are t-shirts (new, long, old, torn, with text...), bermudas, jeans (some even torn, patched, mixed colours), burquas, coats (of varied lengths), caps, shoes of all colours with socks - without socks,... all sorts of things.   Mummy and Thathi should be brought here to see how useless their lectures to me about "decent" clothes were!  There is hardly anyone wearing a shirt, though.  
  • Girls smoke much much more than boys... that's for certain!  The rough ratio could be 5:1.
  • Students carry their food and drink and help themselves to it, anytime... not only while chatting with friends but in the library, in the classroom too!  However no one litters the place. There are sufficient bins around - each for a particular type of material.

Looking at some of the "weird" types I wonder why at all should they colour their hair pink or red? There are those who go around with such torn jeans that Mummy would not even use for wiping the floor!  Then those hairstyles, mostly unkempt. I guess it is a call to be noticed, to stand out. And they surely do!

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