Thursday, 13 October 2016


For the past one week I've been coming early with Fr John to the University (that's because unless he comes in by 8 am he will not get a parking place!).  Anyway, I spend most of my time in the Bedford library (there is another called the Founders' library). I like the ambiance of silence in these places.  Particularly in this library which has three floors, the one in the middle (the entrance floor) is a noisy one!  One is allowed to talk, chat, sing. All that!  However, the upper and the lower levels are for silent study.  And silent it is!  Everyone practically has their own laptops and everyone is busy.  No one chats or disturbs another.

The other thing is the computers.  There are desktops at each level, plenty of them.  And they all seem to work.  Contrast this to our computers in our formation houses - every day there is some issue.  Here everyone uses it gently and with utmost care.  There is also a section where one can borrow laptops!!

Though there are books on the racks, most students have the digital versions and prefer to read the text on the computers or laptops.  Wi-fi everywhere on campus, and that makes access to information all the more easier - besides the digital library of the University itself.

I guess it is part of the fall out of what happens when students come to study!  I'm sure most of the students also have fun and like to swing it up and all, but primarily when it comes to study, they pour their heart and soul into it.  And from the looks of it, most of chosen their course of study based on their personal interest rather than any pressure or demand... another reason to 'enjoy' study.   

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