Friday, 7 October 2016

Dressing and character

Before taking off from Hyderabad, Benny accompanied me and helped me select and purchase shoes for my stay in London.  It was a difficult adventure, first of all given the fact that I was trying on shoes after 23 years!  Secondly the price of each one was so exorbitant that I felt I was buying some jewellery and not mere footwear! Anyway, thanks to Benny's guidance I ended up buying three pairs of shoes.

While at the airports (Hyderabad and Mumbai) I had enough time to squander and so took liesure walks up and down the ails, watching people. (Did not like to walk around the shopping areas, felt a bit of nausea at the glitter and futility of products on display.) One of the things that I was looking at was the footwear worn by people.  Was trying to see if their footwear (and to a certain extent their dress too) was proportional to their character.  Not that I have some x-ray vision to scan and guage their character... but all the same.  One thing too evident was that those who most flaunted their goods, were the most shallow by way of character.  Others around did not exist for this sort of people at all.

Most were lost in their own world of cell phones.  There was a certain guy who had come in a very very simple attire. He wore the same rubber slippers I normally use (at the airport I was wearing sandals!).  From his movements and looks, I gathered he was not a frequent flyer, or could have been flying one of his first times.  While he was very conscious of not getting in the way of others or drawing attention to himself, on two occasions I saw him reach out to others instinctively: once when a child was about to stumble and on another occasion when a senior man in the wheel-chair was struggling to stand up.  There were others around the child and the elderly person, but were not much moved - they did not move at all!  But this gentleman was concerned and attempted to help.  Now if his footwear were the the criteria of his character, he'd be rated the lowest; but if one were to grade him by his actions, he'd be most noble among all those present there.  

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