Friday, 7 October 2016

On wings of prayer

Over the last one week since the time I got confirmed that I would indeed making it to London for my studies, I have begun to realize how many people have been praying for me.  Honestly I did not pray that I get this opportunity or that this comes through. I was quite indifferent.  But very many - indeed very many - were keen that I go!  I guess if at last it did come through and I'm here in London for my studies, it is what the Lord wants of me.

The sense of responsibility too is indeed greater now - I feel myself responsible not just to my Province and confreres who made all the efforts for my studies in London but also all to those who prayed for me, especially for this intention.

So this couple of days that I'm here, I've honestly prayed for this group - I'm sure I'm not even aware of all involved!  All the same, I pray for this group of relatives, friends, and well-wishers.  I pray especially for my boys at Ramanthapur for I known for sure, they still would be praying for me.  

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