Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Driving and traffic

While crossing the road here in London, someone asked me, "Why do you look left and right? It is enough to look only to your right. Unless you are at a crossroad."

I replied, "I come from India!" She did not have anything else to ask or say!

Honestly traffic here in London is quite busy, but very very orderly.  It is a week since I landed in London and my room is next to the road.  I've been out almost every day but I am yet to hear a vehicle honk!  Drivers are very polite and smooth.  They wait, let others pass straight rather than sneak in fast or the little window they get.

I'd be getting a few driving lessons from this weekend - thanks to Fr John who arranged for someone to assist me.  However, with the Indian driving license I can drive for one year.  But as I was telling Fr Sean yesterday, it is not driving that I need to learn, but driving as per rules!
...that's more like an Indian driving scenario!

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