Monday, 10 October 2016

Royal Holloway Chapel

Here's a view of our college chapel.  It was built in the late 19th century and is different from those I've seen anywhere before.  For one, the pews are facing each other and not the altar.  Furthermore, this being an ecumenical chapel, there is no tabernacle.  The art work is great.  But only yesterday did my doubt about the statues in the chapel get cleared.  There are niches above the pews and which were to have women saints etched out.  But, the chief designer died before he could complete that and being a non-Catholic dominated presence, the statues never got to see the light. Only their names bless us from above!

It is also the place where the choir practices. And this is the first time I'm listening to a professional choir live.  It sound very melodious.

Then there is Jacob and Johannes, the two youngsters who help out with the Catholic services.  They are also studying in the same department of Politics and International Relations, as I am, but as undergrads.  Of course, this is their final year.  I also met Arthur yesterday.  He is from Hong Kong and yesterday he was pleasantly surprised to see how few of those ceremonial rituals are practiced here (in comparison to his traditional practices back in Hong Kong). 

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