Wednesday, 5 October 2016

First Impressions while in London

My first blog post from my new community in London!

I arrived here in London day before yesterday after a rather smooth flight from Hyderabad via Mumbai. After landing and clearing the immigration check, I was received by Fr John Dickson, the Rector of the Salesian Community which I am part of.  He has been very supportive and helpful for the last few months, ever since I started the procedure of applying at Royal Holloway, University of London.

Here are my first impressions of the place:

  1. Lovely greenery!  The location of my university and the Salesian residence is just beautiful. Makes me feel as though am living in one of those picture postcards or desktop backgrounds! 
  2. The house is very simple but beautiful. The college building is majestic and splendid (more of it later).
  3. Fr John and the University staff were generous in their help and assistance.  Coming from India where the general apathy of government offices and staff is well known, it was a pleasant surprise for me that I was given full and detailed instructions and support at every counter or office that I went to.  Not only me but every one who approached the support staff received the same warm supportive assistance.  Fr John has indeed been extremely helpful. 
  4. On the first day itself, I visited the college chapel and a couple of other offices along with Fr John.  First thing that struck me was that each room - yes, each room - had a collection of books.  Even the sacristy of the college had a rack of books.  Even in my room there are books (left behind by the former occupant).  Each of these places had books about every topic.  So they were not merely for specific utility but even of a wide range. I gather that here people read...  and read a lot!  

There's lot more... but in due time.

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