Saturday, 8 October 2016

At the cemetery

This evening I walked along the road of the house to reach the parish church... our own St Anne's Parish. However I found it locked. So I walked on because I remembered seeing the sign board leading to the cemetery on my way back by car, this afternoon.

When I walked in, I found the small cemetery quite old.  Was a bit puzzled to see no 'fresh dead'!  However, at the end of this small plot was a small gate leading to another plot. A bigger cemetery.  I strolled around but had to return fast because it started to drizzle.  From far I could see another bit of the cemetery with more bright colours. Gather it is the latest plot.  Another day.

One nice thing: I found the tomb of a few Salesians and Salesian sisters among the tombs.  The FMA's tomb had this nice statue of Mary Help of Christians too. So there would have been a time when Salesians were buried in the parishes they served.  Given the duration Salesians have been in England (more than a century) they would have acquired a "private" cemetery somewhere much early on.

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