Monday, 31 October 2016

Trial by Jury

Yesterday I went for an Evensong (in an Anglican Church) along with Fr John Dickson.  It was in a chapel within a palace, which was built by a Cardinal and then taken over by the King.  Anyway, the Chapel was very old but beautiful, in its own way.  The choir, for which we really went, was made up of boys only. Honestly I don't think I'm a choir-person!  That rests the discussion.

On our way back Fr John was mentioning that here in England the trial is by jury and not by a single judge, as in India.  The jury comprises of a dozen or so chosen from among the ordinary people of the locality, picked up by the local council.  It is this jury that decides whether the accused is guilty or not of the crime.

And who forms the jury? Everyone or anyone!!  It basically is a means of letting every citizen take part in the justice system of the country.  Rather than leave it to a select few, everyone is expected to play a responsible role.  So individuals get a summon for jury duty for a week or so and they have to be present for the hearing and the case.  Ultimately give their verdict.

Sounds interesting!

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