Tuesday, 26 April 2016

The Summer Heat

The summer heat is quite intense this year.  Last night was quite hot.  I could neither sleep nor stay awake.  Even to work at something meant battling sweat and heat.  The energy literally evaporates!  This afternoon there were some showers and that has lowered the temperature very very much!  Yesterday also had to move out of the house a couple of times and it was scorching.  I was looking at the plants along the road and just wondering how on earth are they still alive!  The heat from above, the fire from the tarred road would scorch the plants and trees within hours.  Yet they seem to be bearing it up. But the signs were all too grim - dried leaves, all brown and faded, even the few green leaves were all shriveled up.

Then amidst the meagre traffic of the noon, there were still people awaiting public transport.  Hiding under some little shade of buildings or trees.  Was surprised to even see some vendors and beggars still holding their post!  I suppose when it is a matter of survival, nothing else matters!  The met department predicts a couple of days of increase in the temperature before things get back to "normal" summer!  And what gives us all jitters is the fact that we still haven't entered the month of May.  If April is like this, what would May turn out to be!!
... no doubts about this either!  We'd only get a burnt omelette!

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