Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Coursera I

I just completed my maiden Coursera project: Greek and Roman Mythology.  It was a 10 week course offered by the online Coursera.  I had tried this long ago too, but never got beyond the first lecture. This time I persevered.

Why 'Greek and Roman Mythology' one might ask.  Well, I just wanted to feed my mind with some thought for reflection... chewing the cud.  Being at Ramanthapur and that too as an administrator, it is a real fancy to have 'solitude' time.  And I don't think it is right either to seek one everyday!  I wanted to read something, but since that was not happening as frequently as I wanted to, I chose a little more attractive and binding (with deadlines) option.  So from the visible list of courses offered I clicked one that I felt would sustain my initial interest.

Right now, I do not claim to be more learned about myth and mythology, but I certainly am happy and proud. However, i would like to share some of the interesting universal truths the professor would point out while dealing with Greek mythology:

  1. Leadership is choosing between two bad things. 
  2. When you lie, tell a lie closest to the truth.
  3. Secrecy breeds intimacy. 
  4. Human beings have a deep connection with the land. 
  5. Those up and below in a power structure believe in teleology; those in the middle don't. 

1 comment:

  1. Yaaaay!! Congratulations on finishing it!! It is really tough to finish a course.


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