Friday, 8 April 2016

Relationship and Discernment

I wasn't very much prepared with a set of ready made talks or sessions for the PIME and diocesan students this week.  I was more keen to gather their opinion and accordingly tailor sessions fitting their requirements and needs.

Something that struck me was that at times I was sharing and asking questions or challenging them with some ideas which I never prepared or thought about. They never occurred to me neither during the preparation nor at any previous time. So when I would reach back my room to sum up for myself what I had done with the students, I would be surprised to note the content of what I just discussed with them.

One such theme was the intricate connection between faith, relationship and discernment.  That relationships matter in faith is something I was prepared with.  But that the depth and width and openness of ones relationships have a proportionate bearing on one's faith in God (and others) is something that I 'blurted' out several times and spoke much about.  So I found myself asking the Brothers (and myself later): How well am I related to God?  Do I know Him or do I merely strive to know His will at sporadic times?  How can I really know His will without being related to Him?  And if I am related to Him closely, do I really need to strive also to know His will?  Because just like if I am closely related to someone, I naturally will sense the other persons pulse or feelings, even if words are not uttered or statements made.

If I truly am close to Him, will I really miss His pulse, His mind, His will, ...?

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