Saturday, 9 April 2016

Do not seek to be merciful... seek positions

Reflections on the Year of Mercy (2)
(courtesy: Fr T.D. John)

Do not seek to be merciful… Seek positions, and not to be a Servant 

Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross was offered once and for all, and would not need to be repeated like those by the other high priests. Likewise, Jesus has already been a servant to his disciples. Jesus has done it once and for all. We need not be servants anymore.

There are those who say that leadership should not be repeated, but rotated. I disagree. We are the rulers. Your job is to follow. We will rotate leadership positions among the privileged few.

During this year of mercy I will tell people the truth, namely, that I do not want to be a servant. But I will continue to preach to the people about their being servants. As for me, I want position, privileges and servants, the highest privilege I can get.

Statutory Warning: Falling from high places is injurious to health.

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