Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Merit of hard work

I remember a story I heard when I was small.

A wayward young man, living off his father's hard work, had a fight with the father who would not anymore support him.  Challenging his father to get his 'own' money, he set off, thinking how hard it would be to earn some amount enough for a meal?  Lazy and ignorant that he was, on the first day, he stole some money from his mother.  In the evening when the father returned from work, the son proudly displayed the currency.  The father took it and crushed it and threw it away.  The boy only found it amusing. The father reminded him to 'earn' his wage!  The next day the son merely borrowed from someone. In the evening the father trampled the note and still the boy did nothing.  The third day, the son really slogged it out and earned the money.  This time when the father was about to burn the note, the son grabbed it and held fast to it.  That was enough for the father to know that his son had indeed earned it the hard way.

We religious and Priests often get money... not really earn it.  So we don't mind it being spent in all sorts of idiotic ways.  Even if we do lose it, we are not much affected or alarmed. May be because we know we'll get some more again, from somewhere or someone.  Our whole outlook towards management and administration will change when we really start earning what we spend. 

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