Friday, 8 April 2016

A different way of being the Church...

Today's Gospel is about Jesus "multiplying" the food and feeding the five thousand.  Interestingly the words Jesus uses in this event are used in the Holy Eucharist during the moment of consecration.
The boy is happy to share...!
Perhaps this is how the Holy Mass should have originally been.  It is hard to even imagine how different Christianity and the Church would have been if only we had adopted this "event" or instance as the model of our liturgical Eucharistic celebration.
... an open space (open for all, no walls, boundaries, anyone feeling they are not welcome)
... the miracle of sharing (in contrast to the Priest 'feeding' or each one 'gaining' something)
... the participation of everyone (against the solo performance of the Priest or the choir)
... the context and the ambiance of natural everyday living (rather than the paraphernalia of liturgy... vestments, ornamental altar and all that is put on it, the ruberics,...)

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