Monday, 25 April 2016

Why am I ....?

This evening when I returned from my work at the Electricity office, I found a couple of staff members and the Assistants waiting for me at the portico.  They reported that they caught some of the boys of the Printing press purchasing a couple of beer bottles in view of having a party in the Press!  Evidently the staff were quite agitated.  I did not want to react immediately.  So I stood there for a while, listened to their side. The duo who were caught red-handed purchasing had arrived in the meantime.  They didn't have much to say other than repeat what the staff had already narrated.  I didn't say anything to anyone.  Slowly the group dispersed.  Individually some of the staff members and confreres approached me later reminding me to "take action".

It was my turn to give the goodnight tonight.  I sat for long in the Chapel prior to that.  Most of all asking the Lord what was I to share with the boys.  The boys and I know all too well, that I speak only what I really mean.  I do not entertain with some cock-and-bull stories with no end.

I kept asking myself, if I was disturbed at all by what happened today with the boys?  (There were several other significant things also that happened today in the office and with others too).  I couldn't really identify what was exactly disturbing me! I ended up giving some hotch-potch collection of thoughts for good night tonight.

I still am asking myself: Why am I disturbed?  

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