Friday, 8 April 2016

Reading, reflecting and writing

Since Monday I was at the PIME study house at Trimulgherry, Secunderabad for a three day animation programme for their 19 students.  It was a good refresher time for me.  While at their study house, I got to meet their three formators.  One meal time, one of them was sharing something what youngsters in Brazil were asking him long ago.  "Why are there only four gospels?  Why didn't the other eight write too?  It is so boring to read the same stuff over and over again!"

Well, on the one hand, some youngsters were aware of the 'other' gospels and were keen to study them for a different version of Jesus and His times.  They were keen to know all possible dimensions of this person named Jesus.

Some wanted to know why the others were so dumb or dull so as to not leave behind such a rich legacy which they were fortunate to be part of.  (of course, they forget that some of them were illiterate and certainly not writers!).

Gets me thinking, how many of us spend time thinking, reflecting and ruminating and then what?  Nothing for others to even read or 'chew' in their free time?  At least does it improve one's own quality of life, so that even if one does not literally write something, at least one's own life becomes an open book for others to read and be inspired by.  

To get oneself to the desk to write something, one ought to have something to write about. At least this is how I forced myself to write: in order to read and continually reflect!

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