Thursday, 28 April 2016

Maahi Ve (A.R. Rahman)

Today while driving back home I heard the last bit of a particular hindi song on the radio.  Somehow it made a nice impression and so I sat this night at the computer trying to find out that song. It turned out to be from the movie Highway... and the singer and musician, the great A.R. Rahman.
While the music itself is very appealing, the lyrics (by Imtiaz Ali) too make meaning.  Add to it the magical voice of Rahman itself.
...shadows console me that you are with me...
... you speak in my silence...

As I glanced at the comments after the song, I was struck by the truth of the following comment by someone named KS Nathan.... and something I too attest to (emphasis added):
It is a true say that Most of rahman's songs are for an individual rather than mass.Of course the mass will come later.But his songs are more enjoyable in solidarity over publicly listening because the song makes our brain to think automatically..And that is a good feeling especially when someone is disturbed mentally or happy or even sad.

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