Sunday, 10 April 2016

Do not seek to be merciful… don’t respect human rights

Reflections on the Year of Mercy (5)
(courtesy: Fr T.D. John)

Do not seek to be merciful… And don’t respect human rights 

Justice is not a norm. It is only one of the possible virtues. We are the people in authority. We own everything. And whatever we decide is right. After all, even the government does not give proper wages to the contract employees. Which multi-national does not cheat for profit? We can do what we want provided we are not caught!

Do not speak about Human Rights; much less defend the rights of the dis-advantaged. We will get into trouble with this talk of human rights. They will cut our FCRA!

During this Year of Mercy, let us stop talking about human rights, equality of women or child rights. Every day we will remind one another that Justice should not meet Mercy.

Statutory warning: “In his days, justice and mercy shall meet.” (Ps. 85, 10)

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