Sunday, 22 May 2011

Visit to Chowmahalla Palace

Yesterday we, as a family, went to see the Chowmahalla Palace near Charminar. It was the first time I even heard that name, even though I was in Hyderabad for so many years. It is said to have been the official palace of Nizam where all the official meetings and interactions of the dynasty would be held. The place was good, neatly kept and speaks for its own elegance. Spread over 15 acres (once 25 acres) the palace is nice monument of history and it grace. Today the whole place is turned into a sort of museum of private collection only. I am told that the last Nizam is still alive and is the one who really modified the place into a public tourist spot.

As we walked around, each one interested in some aspect or the other, Chris (my nephew) was fascinated by two things: the bulb and the rotating fan.

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  1. Beautiful pictures and amazing post on Chowmahalla Palace.It is a very complex yet interesting palace, which is very famous among visitors.


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