Thursday, 26 May 2011

Doing one's best

Life in Kondadaba is already on the swing... in full flow (as is the sweat) and gusto. This morning we had the tractor to plough the fields around the house. We need to repeat it once again a while later. Hope to make the most of the farm land available. This will be my first-time direct trial at farming. God save the farm and the effort! However, my gamble with the cashew crop paid rich dividends. From an annual income of mere Rs 3,500 when given on lease to outsiders, this year without giving on lease, I already have earned Rs 13,600/- (Of course, due thanks to our staff members who did most of the hard work of collecting the fruit).

Speaking of this anxiety of whether this attempt will be fruitful (literally) or an utter failure, the post on Open Culture was quite encouraging. It was about failure and the measures needed to transcend fear and attain success. Paulo Coelho states that the best means of overcoming fear is to do our best and not be perturbed of the result (quite like the nishkamakarma of the Bhagavad Gita). But I do agree with him fully. When I sincerely do my job well, the best I can, I really need have no fear of success or failure... for what I do is the best I can. Need not be the best for the world or for others, but that's the 'best-me'. Reminds me of another of my favourite quote:
I feared people's opinion till I realised that people will have opinions about me anyway!

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