Monday, 2 May 2011

Setting priorities right

Answering a question as to why is there a large number of Salesians trained in the communication field leaving the congregation, Fr Filiberto made a very simple but direct comment. I suppose this answers all departures of the so-called 'qualified' Salesians from the Congregation. He attributed it primarily to three reasons:
  1. Communication for such confreres was reduced to me and myself. God, young people and the mission was thrown over board.
  2. These confreres, most of them, had given up on their community. They, either deliberately or for their own reasons, distanced themselves from the community.
  3. They had become more of administrators than animators or pastors.

Now that was direct and clear enough for all to understand where and what should our priorities be. Once again a reiteration of what we as communicators or educators ought to be: experts in God and young people using communication; not experts in communication!

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