Thursday, 19 May 2011

State of inertia

Lazing around at home I get to do nothing except eat and sleep. So that's what I'm specialising in at present. It has also been my maiden steps in getting used to Linux which I installed in the beginning of the month, while at Tiruchy. Though I'm yet to use it regularly, I wish to do so once I get back to Kondadaba. The only reason is that I cannot access the net through the linux mode wireless. And I do not want to disturb my brother asking him to share the cable with me while he is busy with his office work. Yesterday I asked him for some free time of his to access his computer (with net) to fix up my linux OS. I managed to set the net, with the cable, right. I'm yet to rectify the wireless network.

Back at Kondadaba there are quite a few things awaiting me which I dread. Hence I just am enjoying this 'state of inertia' for as long as it lasts - May 24.

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