Friday, 20 May 2011

My God and me

Late last night I had an intense discussion with Willy. It centred on God and our relationship with Him. It was quite elaborate and intense. During the discussion, I got to clarify my concept of God and my relationship with Him. It was good to spell clearly that the God whom I believe in is one who empowers me. He is one who is with me, who challenges me to greater heights and growth. All this while being with me. He is not one who gives me crutches and lets me be stuck to them for the rest of my life. He is one who shows me the direction, gives me guidance and then lets me find my way out. For I am convinced that He has already given me the potential great and gracious enough to do things by myself, rather than pester Him every now and then for every little thing.

And precisely for this, that I get in touch with Him, not to ask Him for this or that, but as a loving son or friend who is grateful to Him for giving me the raw materials and challenging to make my own resources.

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