Sunday, 15 May 2011

Easy way out?

While here at Gunadala for the prenovices, I also was asked to address the vocation camp boys about the vocation of a Salesian Brother. There were 47 boys, as usual, all excited and typical monkeys on hot bricks. The afternoon session that I spent with them was quite alive and interactive. I first spoke of myself and then briefly narrated how the concept of the Salesian Brother evolved in the life and mission of Don Bosco. Then, I opened up the discussion for their questions and queries. Oh, boy, they were quite free and frank about their doubts. And I preferred it that way too. I believe it is better to be clear of things right from the beginning than give them false hopes or show them mirages. Most of their questions were the normal ones that I have to face everytime I speak of the Salesian Brotherhood. But one was a novel one!
Of the two ways, Priesthood and Brotherhood, which is the easiest way to quit the congregation?
Well that really caught me off guard. However, I along with the others laughed it out and responded, "Well, in that case why at all to enter the congregation?"

On the whole, the interaction was quite healthy. I also get the impression that quite a few of the boys come to the Camp/Congregation as a last resort of survival. A few also come with the intention of using the congregation for going abroad. I only hope that this is only their 'motivation' to enter and not the motivation to continue being in the congregation!

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